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Beeswax Sandwich Wraps 2PC


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BeeBee Wraps are squares of organic cotton infused with a formula of beeswax, resin, organic jojoba oil, often called beeswax food wraps.

Using warm hands, these are shaped around food in place of clingfilm.
You can wash them in cold, soapy water, and reuse for a year. 


Using warm hands wrap your BeeBee around a piece of food, bowl or dish to create a breathable seal. Play with it and feel how they are malleable when warm and hold their shape when cold.

Enjoy fresher food without the suffocating plastic. Wrap pretty much anything in a BeeBee except raw meat or fish. Avoid heat (so no microwaves!) and don't wrap food that is still hot. 

Hand wash your BeeBee in cold soapy water and leave it to drip dry. DON'T wash in the dishwasher. Roll your wrap to store it between uses.

Love your BeeBee and it will last a year or more. When it comes to the end of it's life, ensure you leave no trace by composting it or using as a firelight on your BBQ, campfire or wood-burning stove!


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