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Dream Life Workbook

Dream-Life workbook will help to: +
  • Lead you in the right direction
  • Understand your true desires
  • Realign with your purpose
  • Set courageous dreams and goals
  • Get you organized for the transformative year ahead
  • And of course, live your best life!
Inside: +
You will find 5 sections that will all guide you to the amazing 12 months ahead:

1. Reflect on the past year:

  • Reflect on everything that happened in the last year
  • Learn from the good and the bad
  • Realign your focus
2. Working with your dreams:

  • Write out your 10 dreams
  • Check if these are your true dreams
  • Work with your fears
  • Work with your limiting beliefs
  • Write out your action steps
3. Setting Goals

  • Set goals for all the sections of your life: wellbeing, relationships, personal growth, career, money, and more.
4. Self Care:

  • Decide on what you will start doing for yourself this year
  • As well as the things you will stop/do less of this year
  • Write out your daily, weekly and monthly self-care routines
  • Make lists of learning reading, weekend activities, etc. for the next 12 months.
5. Take action:

  • Year overview
  • Monthly goal planning + action steps
  • Weekly planning
  • Monthly goal reflections
  • Monthly time management reflections
  • Check in on how your feel emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Project planning pages
  • And of course, some journaling pages for free writing
Features: +
  • Faux Leather Hardcover (Vegan)
  • Sewn binding
  • 2 bookmark ribbons
  • Gold cut
  • 100 gsm FCS certified paper
  • A5 size: (21 x 14.8cm) or (8.3 x 5.8")

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