Shupatto Foldable Tote Bag (Medium)

Color: Arctic Wildflowers 
Description +
  • Shupatto is the innovative "One-Pull" foldable bag designed in Japan.
  • It is cleverly designed with accordion pleats enabling the bag to expand into a big and roomy piece while instantly closing flat by just pulling both ends of the bag.
  • The medium size is the ideal shopping bag for everyday use. Also, helpful in carrying your cake or anything similar that comes with a bulky, square box.
  • It is made to be carried the day in and day out, and its tiny shape, when not in use, allows it to fit practically any place.
  • The bag folds down neatly and quickly in a second like magic - just one-pull and roll!
  • Saves time and space, and say goodbye to a single-use plastic bag!

How is it sustainable? +
  • Each design of shupatto bags are made of one continuous piece of fabric, the continuous tilling of artwork uses every inch of the material to minimise material wastage.
  • The colorfull designs of Shupatto bags are printed using waterless printing techniqes. Eliminating the dampening system used in conventional printing while minimise dye waste.
  • In keeping with the idea of sustainability, Shupatto focuses on the durability of our signature accordion pleats. The pleats can endure over 100 machine wash, ensuring the long lasting product.

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