Why You Should Text Less and Write More

Texting is great in terms of convenience (and who doesn’t love emojis). When it comes to really expressing your feelings, however, instant messaging just don’t cut it. While we’re all for good communication, nothing beats a handwritten note that shows you’ve given this person your thoughtful, undivided attention.

Here’s why you should handwrite something meaningful:

  1. You can be creative. Sure, there’s fun ways to express yourself with a combination of characters and emojis, but a blank canvas and a pen offers you even more freedom. From picture poems to artwork, the sky is the limit.
  2. Your words are more carefully considered. You’ve only got so much space on a greeting card, and you can’t really hit “control-z” (i.e. the whiteout bottle) an unlimited amount of times. You’re forced to think more about what you want to express and how to express it.
  3. You can’t really copy-paste it in. Even if you hand copy the same words in writing, it still involves more effort than sending a giant mass text. More likely than not, because you’re writing out it out by hand, your content will be more personal and attentive.
  4. Letters are a gift themselves. In a world where all forms of instant messaging usually end up archived somewhere in a digital cloud, it’s nice to hold onto something physical that shows the person who sent it to you put in that extra effort. Even mass emails these days can be programmed to sound personally directed to you, so nothing beats receiving the gift of real handwriting that shows you went the extra mile. 

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So, take a moment, unplug from your demanding digital devices, and write a truly thoughtful note to someone special in your life!